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YUTIAN Haneda brand ball head series


Ingenuity concept

The cultural characteristics of meticulous beauty, rigorous  rationality, concentrism, and pragmatism are deeply rooted in every  product of the YUTIAN Haneda brand and become the soul foundation of the  Haneda heritage.

"No best" is our definition of the product. We can see that YUTIAN  Haneda brand ball head series is the best interpretation of these four  words.
 Haneda has always been adhering to the concept of “higher, faster, and  stronger” to control every product quality and service the automotive  aftermarket.


Pursue high quality

YUTIAN  Haneda brand ball head series, produced by Taiwan OEM factory, is the  same as the international big brand production line. The Haneda brand has adopted a discontinued policy for products  that have returned more than 3%, and implemented partial product  recalls.

"If  you do not advance, you will retreat," and the Haneda people will never  be satisfied with any data. Under the premise of stable quality, the  company will continue to optimize product work and packaging on the  basis of the original quality. Only by continuously advancing and exploring can we truly pursue higher quality.

Adapt to the market

Since  the YUTIAN Haneda brand has entered the market, the YUTIAN Haneda brand  ball head series has used high-load long-life grease, plastic/plastic  and metal with wear resistance and load resistance in face of different  road conditions and problems that may easily occur in old and new  models. Designed for lubrication of plastic/metal/rubber joints, with  excellent adhesion, wear and corrosion resistance, and temperature  range: -40 to +150°C.


Ingenious Brand

The YUTIAN Haneda brand has never stopped exploring the road to becoming a Chinese-recognized brand. As  a result, the ball heads of the Nissan and Toyota models have been  added to further expand the development of horizontal models to better  meet market demand. In  order to better cooperate with like-minded partners to meet challenges,  share opportunities, seek common development, and create a future, in  the near future, Haneda Mall will soon be on-line!

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