11years Chain Brand For Concentrating On Japanese Auto Parts

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Wei An Auto Parts

    Wei An Auto Parts has cooperated with the YUTIAN brand for many years. This auto parts store is also their new branch, located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Parts sold by Wei An Auto Parts are Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. Among the three models, the YUTIAN-brand ignition coils 90919-C2003 and 22448-1HM0A sell the most.

    In the four years of cooperation, the number of orders of the YUTIAN-branded Wheel Hub Car Bearing Kit/ Wheel Hub Bearing/ OEM: 40202-JE20A for JUKE Front Axle is the largest one. At the same time, the YUTIAN-brand Shock Absorber series adopts a two-year after-sales service policy, thereby increasing the amount of sales.

    In 2017, signing with the YUTIAN brand officially became a regional agent, and at the same time, the headquarters supported the cost of decoration and design for Wei An auto parts.

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