11years Chain Brand For Concentrating On Japanese Auto Parts

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Exhibition Hall YUTIAN

The YUTIAN brand was launched in the Chinese market in 2012. It mainly relies on the vertical development of Japanese Honda spare parts. After four years of foundation precipitation, the auto parts industry has experienced a sharp decline in 2016 under the pressure of domestic economic transformation. The Haneda brand still maintains rapid growth. At the same time, Toyota and Nissan two car accessories were added. YUTIAN Haneda brand cooperation manufacturers have passed the international ISO, TS16949 and other related industry certifications, based on the products produced by the world's mainframe supporting manufacturers, with regional agents, brand chain monopoly + Internet as the basic business model, after four years of development, in the market. Obtained the recognition of most dealers and consumers, and initially established a certain channel basis and influence of the brand. Team training, brand promotion, development and maintenance One-to-one training support for allied clients at all levels, t

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