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The 78th National Auto Parts Trade Fair


The  78th National Auto Parts Trade Fair was held in Guangzhou Poly World  Trade Center Expo on November 12th to 14th. HC Network visited many auto  parts companies at the exhibition and interviewed Guangzhou Yitong Auto  Parts Co., Ltd. The following is an interview record:


HC Network: Today we interviewed Mr. Xinwei Wei, General Manager of Guangzhou Yitong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. I am now at the site of the Guangzhou Auto Parts Fair and came to the  booth of Guangzhou Yitong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. First of all, I would  like to ask you to tell us about the company's brief situation and its  business scope.

Ruan  Weixin: We are the core brand of HannStar Yitong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. -  Haneda. The products are mainly applied to the Honda series and will  gradually shift to the full range of Japanese cars. Haneda  branded the market for less than four years, but through the  integration of world-class technology resources, and the world famous  brand accessories OEM factory cooperation, and constantly strengthen the  independent research and development, rapid completion of product  quality protection. Haneda  brand products mainly focus on chassis parts and electrical components.  All products are manufactured in strict accordance with national  technical industry requirements and standards. At present, we are mainly engaged in the development of regional  agency and franchise chain models, and we have established regional  sales channels through regional agencies and specialty chains to provide  safe, reliable, and affordable automotive components for the majority of vehicle owners across the country.

HC Network: In the first three to four years of brand development,  what kind of ways did you mainly use to expand channels and advertise  brands?

Wei Weixin: Well-known Internet and industry magazine books and magazines are a channel for our brand promotion. Such  as HC, as an industry professional media, also play a role in promoting  our brand development, and our company's colleagues and customers are  an important channel for our brand development and promotion. As  a brand, in fact, the most important thing is to do it with care. The  brand is made out of it, not to say it. In the past few years, we have  invested little in the promotion of brand advertising, mainly relying on  the word of mouth of our customers. Spread and establish a good brand influence. In  the past few years of brand development, our focus has been on the  company's internal management, team building, and product quality  control. We have continuously upgraded our product quality, improved the  pre-sales service system, and enhanced our brand's added value. value. Our  requirement is that the products produced must be of the same level as  the international brands. The pre-sales and after-sales service provided  must be better than the existing international brands, win-win with our partners, and provide quality products to the Chinese people. Next, we will appropriately increase the brand's publicity and  promotion, so that more partners and owners recognize the recognition of  our Haneda brand.

HC  Network: We know that the import and export business of parts and  components in Guangzhou is more prosperous. What kind of impact will  your company have on this aspect? For example, if your company is now, will it cooperate with some  Japanese manufacturers or manufacturers, or other teams with more  technical content?

Ruan  Weixin: At present, we are basically focusing on integration. It is  equivalent to saying that many of our products, such as this bearing,  are all cooperating with Japanese big companies and brands. They also  help us to follow the international big-name standard OEM. In  this respect, the quality of our products is in fact the same level as  Japanese corporate branded products or original parts, which is what we  call homogenous parts. We just want to use such quality assurance to do  our own Chinese people. s brand.

HC Network: Then you can specifically talk about what you said homogenous accessories? How can you say that the Haneda brand's products are of the same quality as other manufacturers? Do you have specific advantages in cooperation with foreign companies?

Lou Weixin: Let me give you some examples of the Haneda brand products. For  example, our axles are cooperating with Natiefoss. It produces Volvo's  spare parts, as well as a number of other European and American cars,  and our products are produced on the same production line. We also The  manufacturer has signed a strategic cooperation agreement to guarantee  our interests, so the quality of our products is certainly guaranteed. We  signed an OEM contract with the OEM factory. We strictly control the  quality of the product. Like this high pressure tubing, the hose we use  is the imported Japanese original pipe, and the external surface of the  iron pipe adds a surface. The  treated coating can enhance the surface corrosion resistance of  hydrochloric acid. After this improved treatment, its hydrochloric acid  resistance time can reach 680 hours. Compared with the appearance of  fused products, it is also very environmentally friendly and even better  than the original tube. On the one hand, the price must be much more reasonable.


There are our starters, generators and other products, these are our  top products, have won the recognition of our customers and owners, we  can also do a detailed understanding through our market.

HC  Network: Well, you just said that now, many distributors are affected  by the Internet. Do you think that in the traditional mode of the  Internet relative to exhibitions, you will be more inclined to this  traditional mode, or will be like the Internet mode later development of?

Zhai  Weixin: Actually, I don’t think I’ve talked about an extreme here. It’s  not a good one. It’s a good one. I think it should be combined.  Including that your internet and physical store must be combined in the  same way. Organically combined, benign development, the effect may be much  better than if you simply participate in the exhibition through the  Internet or simply.

HC Network: Well, after that, how do you want to make your brand into a well-known brand?

Ruan  Weixin: Actually, this road is still very long. We must step by step to  persist. We may only be the first step in the Wanli Long March. We must  concentrate on controlling the quality of our products and constantly  optimize our services. This  kind of related link to enhance our brand added value, and ultimately  let our customers and consumers truly recognize and support our brand. We have been working on brands since 12 years ago and have always insisted on being our own brand. We may think more distantly and will prepare for things after three or five years. Brand promotion, including the Internet, new media and other forms  will be used, but the most basic thing is to do our own good, the wine  is not afraid of deep alley.

HC Network: Well, thank you for your interview today. We hope that our  quality Haneda brand will grow rapidly and become a national brand  widely recognized by the people. Thank you.

Wei Xin: Thank you.

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