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Speed and Passion is the pinnacle of car crime movies

Really left us. He is permanently sealed on the beach and shares his family and children with his family. Although  we can no longer see him focusing on driving in the future series of  speed and passion, his bits and pieces in the film world of speed and  passion are in our memories forever. Although he has closed the curtain, he will continue to run for speed and passion...

Speed 9 is coming, what car will appear?

"Speed  and Passion" is the pinnacle of the car crime movie. The entire  spindle revolves around underground racing cars. It combines  stimulating, thrilling and justice. When we can discover that in the  whole series of movies, the mainstream sports cars in Europe are  basically extinct. Why is this?
In  fact, as long as you look carefully, you will find that with the  protagonist halo is always the US Department of Japanese cars, the  European car is completely black, especially the BMW chase scene is  completely hung, and even Aston Martin At best, this is only a long-term job, leaving behind sponsors and  other factors. We analyze it from the background of the car itself.

Speed  and Passion Series As a large block of the United States, it is  impossible to fail to display the “muscle car” with American taste. In  particular, Doom’s car is basically contracted by a Dodge. Occasionally,  the Challenger is replaced, and Charger is used most of the time. That kind of thing, it is a muscle car anyway, this is no doubt.


Protagonist Aura

Doom,  as a leader of a crime criminal car group, would naturally not choose a  luxury model in this context. He must also comply with the nature of  the underground car. He can only start from a modified car. Everyone can  see that every time he leaves the car. There will always be modified scenes.
In the United States, the second-hand sports car market transaction is  relatively cheap, for the conversion enthusiasts, buy a car back to  carry out "interior surgery" is a very good choice, and which is the  United States Department of muscle cars and Japanese sports cars are the  most famous.

European sports car

In  fact, I have already said above, the background setting of the  protagonist is also related to his selection of cars. Imagine the team  of Dome driving McLaren or Pagani to steal the oil car. I think this  movie is a bit It was like a trousers hide in a certain country in the country.
However, on the other hand, there are also small cannon-class cars in  European cars. Take GTI for example. However, the appearance of these  cars still belongs to small fresh meat, and they cannot support a hot  car scene.


Japanese sports car

In  addition to the United States Department of the mainstream car line in  the United States, the next is a Japanese, such a United States  masterpiece must meet the American aesthetic. Like  most Chinese, Americans also belong to the Association of Appearances.  They have higher requirements for the appearance of the car. A coupe is  definitely more sought after than a hatchback, so Bryan’s first  appearance was selected. Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Second, even if the sedan is modified, it is not a level difference compared with a Japanese sports car or a muscle car. Therefore,  Ashkenazi cannons are not only unique in appearance lines, but they can  only rely on the Japanese cars in front of them...

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