11years Chain Brand For Concentrating On Japanese Auto Parts


YUTIAN brand shock absorber products come from the supporting line of the main engine supporting factory, using micro-pattern oil storage, precision processing piston rod {straight-rough grinding-finishing-plating (double chrome plating)-polishing}, high-strength hardening guide, American spin seal technology seals, high density tube and surface hardening. The piston and piston ring adopt a noiseless valve system design to ensure the concentricity of the guide, piston, legal system, oil seal and gasket, and ensure the strength of the valve plate is moderate (when the shock absorber works, when a certain pressure difference is reached) The valve should be fully open, too strong or too weak) to ensure the safety and comfort of use. Products are tested by INOVA shock absorption performance test platform!

Warranty: 2 years (< 60000 kilometers)

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