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Advertising And Promotion Support:

Assessment method:

For new development customers, the sales assessment should be carried out on a quarterly basis. The order quantity per quarter should not be less than the target of the agent. If the average order quantity in two consecutive quarters is less than the target of the agent, the agent qualification will be automatically lost.

Modalities of cooperation:

A area agent

1. Exclusive regional franchises to eliminate vicious competition

2. Opening of exclusive regional stores on the Yitong Mall Line

3. Future third-party platform area designated delivery point, broaden sales channels, on-line and offline combination

Area B distribution

1. Non-exclusive regional brand sales rights

2. Authorize the opening of shops, offline distribution

3. The company opens a network sales platform for sub-stations, carries out business in assistant authorized region

Joining request:

A area agent

1. Prepare for Yutian brand goods category

2. Have a certain team base

3. Unified brand image of the company

Area B distribution

1. Distribution of Yutian brand products

2. Good credit

3. Good operating conditions


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