11years Chain Brand For Concentrating On Japanese Auto Parts


YUTIAN BRAND is positioned in the middle and high-end, based on quality, brand-based operation, its ignition coil series is produced by high-quality products factory exported to Taiwan and Europe and America all year round, with the same material and the same standard as the quality requirements of Europe and America!
1.YUTIAN BRAND ignition coil high voltage uses Japan Fuji enameled wire, low voltage enameled wire resistant to 180 degrees Celsius high temperature, and introduced German three-layer coating technology for high and low voltage wire coating insulation treatment.
2. The external use of German INV imported epoxy resin, the external temperature reaches 140 degrees Celsius, still has good insulation. On the contrary, the original ignition coil uses E-class insulation, temperature resistance of 120 degrees Celsius, normal use can not exceed 100 degrees Celsius.
3, Car engine coil series single product price only reached 1/3 of the original factory, BOSCH1/2.
4, The return rate of quality problems exceeds 3%, refund one, and the factory or the government designated third-party authority detection shall prevail.
Warranty: 1 year

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