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Haneda Brake Skin


The reliable haneda brand brake skin

One of the remarkable features of YUTIAN carbon ceramic brake pad is that it is made of carbon fiber, ceramic and other composite materials. Light weight, good rigidity, stability under high temperature and high pressure conditions, thermal shock, good flexibility, the shear fracture characteristics, extend the service life of carbon ceramic brake pads, and avoid the traditional metal, semimetal due to load all the problems.

Installation method

1. Tighten the hand brake, loosen the hub screw of the wheel that needs to be replaced by the brake (note that the wheel screw is loosened, not completely unscrewed). Jack the car up. Then remove the tire. Before braking, it is best to use a special brake cleaner to spray on the brake system to avoid powder entering the respiratory tract, affecting health.

Remove the screw from the brake caliper (for some cars, simply unscrew one of them and loosen the other).

3. Hang the brake calipers with a rope to avoid damage to the brake line, and then remove the old brake pad.

4. Use type c clamp to push the brake piston back into the maximum. (please note that before this step, lift the hood and unscrew the cover of the brake oil box, as the liquid level of the brake fluid will rise when the piston is pressed against the brake.)

5. Install the brake caliper back, screw the caliper screw to the required torque, then install the tire back, and tighten the hub screw slightly.

6. Put down the jack and tighten the hub screw thoroughly.

7. Because in the process of changing the brake pad, we pushed the brake piston into the innermost part, which would be quite empty when we first stepped on the brake, but it would be fine after several successive steps.

Failure analysis

The cause of the abnormal sound of brake pads

1. Excessive wear of brake pads. Excessive wear of brake disc has been grinding to alarm plate, so that the scraper alarm plate to a certain extent gives a sound alarm.

2. The material of brake pad is too hard. The friction factor is so high that the brake pad is like cutting a brake disc.

3. Material problem of brake pad. There is granular hard material on the surface of the brake disc, which causes a scream when scraped against the brake disc. Now the mainstream material is half metal pads, as the name implies, half metal have a lot of metal fibre in the brake pads, brake disc is a pearl of iron and metal to metal friction, that is for sure there will be noise; It is recommended to use high quality arrow brand nanofiber brake pad or crown brand advanced ceramic formula brake pad.

4. There is something foreign between brake pad and brake pad. Such as sand, iron shaw, etc., on the road because of the external forces such as (wind, friction electrostatic adsorption in, stick on the brake pads or plate, can produce noise, when braking suggest cleaning brake pads, disc at this time.

5. Assembly problems, such as spacing, nut tightness, etc. Sometimes the stiffness of brake pads is close to that of brake pads, which is prone to resonance. Sound is produced by vibration. Sometimes the noise of the brake pad has relationship with temperature, the brake pads have greatly relations formula is high temperature resistant, some brake pads won't appear under the status of the sound, but after frequent brake temperature rise appeared sound, namely in the raw material of brake pads and heat-resistant material with little or no control.


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