11years Chain Brand For Concentrating On Japanese Auto Parts


YUTIAN BRAND shaft head series products are produced by domestic famous host supporting factories which are cooperated with most major brands such as international and domestic. The leading enterprises in the industry, the blank castings are matched with the international, and the grease uses Japanese synergistic grease.
1. High wear resistance:The excellent wear resistance makes the shaft wheel replace the current copper, silver and other layer materials to reduce the wear of the outer surface of the rolling shaft wheel and save the service life of the shaft wheel;
2. High material purity: chemical composition of the shaft steel, metal inclusion content and type, carbide size and type. Carbide particle size and distribution, decarburization and other requirements are strict;
3. High strength and wear resistance: contact fatigue strength, strong wear resistance, strong hardness, strong anti-rust performance and strong processing performance.

Warranty: 2 years (< 60000 kilometers)

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