11years Chain Brand For Concentrating On Japanese Auto Parts


    YUTIAN brand machine rubber series products, high-quality Thai raw rubber, domestic famous brand original aluminum, original technical formula production, Taiwan equipment, complete products, unified quality. 0.4% return rate.
product details:
1.Gravity die cast aluminum head: Oxidation effect, standard hardness.
2.Environmental protection plating screws: anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation effect
3.Natural Rubber Rubber Body: Original Thai Import 3L International Standard Rubber
4.Suspension-guided oil circuit: According to the original oil circuit design, a high standard hydraulic shock absorber effect is achieved
5.Shock Absorbing Oil Seal: Preventing Oil Leakage in Guided Oil
6.Oil base: fixed suspension guide frame
7.Base electrophoresis iron stent: After high temperature treatment, anti-shedding, anti-corrosion appearance effect, using Anshan Iron and Steel raw materials production

Warranty: 2 years (< 60000 kilometers)

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