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Car horn

YUTIAN brand car horn series products are produced by the horn production factory exported to Korea, Europe and America all the year round. The quality details of the products are not lost to international brand products! With a penetrating hardware effect, the metal horn sounds a direct barrier-free spread. Strong anti-rust, anti-hard object impact, strong mechanical design, weather-proof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. Small and light, easy to install. Automotive horn features simple design, fan-shaped dual-band, harmonious music.
1: Sound diaphragm: It adopts German high-precision high-quality alloy carbon steel, strict molding and heat treatment process control to ensure the vibration diaphragm life and horn sound quality 100% pure ABS material.
2: Snail shell: 100% pure ABS material, the sounding component and the volute are made of silicone rubber and pressure-sealed to ensure the sealing of the shell and the volute, ensuring better sound quality and improved waterproof performance.
3: Enameled wire: High temperature grade thick wire diameter copper enameled wire.
4: Coil holder: 100% pure PA66 plus fiber material to improve temperature resistance.
5: Contact: Wear-resistant and anti-oxidation precious metal carbide contacts.
Warranty: 1 year

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