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Brand operation based on quality

Brand introduction:


In 2011, I had the privilege of reading Steve jobs:A Biography, in which it says “the reason for people’s living is to change the world”, which has brought me a huge impact and let me think for a long time!


At this time, we have been operating Yitong for 4 years. Although the company was running in comfort, it was difficult to affect the world, let alone change. We needed to change! We must have a clear and firm goal and direction on what kind of company Yitong would become in the future, what kind of products we offer to our customers, and what kind of value we could create. We must have a clear and firm goal and direction to be committed to doing something that can affect or even change the world.


In 2012, we registered YUTIAN auto parts, and introduced high-end talents as partners to start brand operation, product upgrading, service upgrading, positioning to become a well-known chain auto parts brand operator. After more than 5 years of market exploration and precipitation, we took the main engine accessory factory and the international well-known automobile parts brand as the preferred cooperation target, strictly selected the qualification of the manufacturer, controlled the product quality and optimized the service. Our customers purchase our products, meaning that they trust us, so we cannot live up to their expectation. To this end, we set up a professional team responsible for product design, development, manufacturing, quality monitoring, brand operation, customer service to ensure the quality of our products and services!


In the past few years, the development of Yutian brand was not smooth. We pursued quality, safety, high cost-effective, and took the high-end line. In the environment at that time, many people were not optimistic about our model, and our practice was undoubtedly walking along the cliff. However, today we still see in the light of persistence and have won the affirmation and approval from the majority of the domestic and foreign market customers.


Over the years, we have been committed to providing brand cars for global customers, providing auto parts, and building some unified shops in one or two or three tier cities in China, gradually developing to the chain management. The company business area covers the Greater China region and the European and American market.


2017 was the year for the traditional industry to suffer from the biggest impact from the Internet. We reversed the trend to fully embrace the Internet, invested and built our own B2B platform and expanded the market for our franchisees and dealers. Looking forward to the future, we are confident, and we will establish a well-known brand of auto parts with you, which can make customers at ease. !


Brand core values

Honesty, High efficiency, Innovation, Win-Win, Scientific Management, rational layout,

improved function, unified image  

Brand advantages:


Yutian brand lands on automobile after sale market, and presents a mature and complete business model in front of every investor. For franchisees, they can quickly establish a strong brand height in the region.


We adhere to the “top quality, persevering” product research and development concept, according to different regions of the climate, road conditions, constantly develop the appropriate parts and components. The excellent products with breakthrough industry reduce the replacement cost of auto parts, improve the efficiency, and bring customers a brand new and high quality service experience of auto parts.


The stability of products is among the best in the same industry. 90% of products are the mainframe matching quality, and the stability of the products makes the franchisee enjoy high profit and reduce the operating risk of the return rate of the franchisee. After pushing Yutian brand as the main service by franchise store, the unit rate of return was 2-3 times of the previous, thus getting rid of the confusion of a variety of products in stock and ensuring that the service of the store is more specialized, daily work is more relaxed.


We have integrated our experience in chain operation and management at home and abroad, implemented intensive training for store managers and shop assistants of franchise stores, and comprehensively improved the operation level of franchise managers.  Headquarters regularly dispatch professionals to provide business management training for franchisees, introduce advanced management concepts, successful experience of franchised stores, marketing mode suited to local economic characteristics and the latest developments in the industry. At the same time, through the headquarters website, the sales channels are expanded for franchisees to lay a solid foundation for the success of franchisees.


The store design of Yutian brand franchisee store is provided by the headquarters and the stores are unified globally.. Various promotional materials such as posters, overalls, product albums, advertising light boxes, etc. are provided by the headquarters before opening. For new products on the market and holiday promotion activities, the headquarters propose a plan, and timely announce on the website,  detonating the buying frenzy at any time.



In 2012, Yutian brand was officially registered, and began to transform brand operation


In 2013 to upgrade the brand packaging image


In 2014 Yutian brand Honda OEM code reached 890, including:Chassis, electrical appliances, vulnerability, machine head four plates


In 2016, added Toyota and Nissan two car series


In 2017, the number of OEM codes for the three trains reached more than 3, 000


In 2018, on the basis of the original Japanese car system, the European and American auto parts were developed horizontally.

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